YMCA Playnasium

By Luke Daley RNutr, MSc & PT from Daley Nutrition

YMCA Playnasium

The YMCA have shown again that they are leading the way in initiative and ideas to encourage little ones and big ones to be active through play.  This year they have produced the ‘YMCA Playnasium’; 3 pieces of activity equipment that use children as counterweights, meaning the parents have to work-out to move the apparatus.  This results in a happy child and a sweaty but satisfied parent.  The idea cannot come at a more critical time as overweight and obesity levels are increasing each year with both adults and children.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics “one-quarter of all Australian children, or around 600,000 children aged 5-17, were overweight or obese in 2008“, which has been increasing steadily since 1995. 

YMCA Playnasium equipment to be used

Pull-Upsey-Daisy: can be used as a pull down machine, which works the back muscles (trapezius, lattimus-dori, teres muscles).  Doing 3 sets of 30 reps should be enough to fatigue and burn most peoples back muscles out.

Pec-a-boo:  Suitable for two children at once and can be used to build the pec muscles (pectoralis major and minor).  Depending on the weight of your child/children, 3 sets of 20 slow reps will hopefully be as good as picking up two 5kg dumbells at the gym.  The pec muscles help with lifting and pulling actions, so in theory this should improve a parent’s strength in the long run to to pick up their children.

Row-Row-Row machine: this machine is very similar to your average rowing machine in the gym.  Therefore it will build up the gluteal muscles (bum muscles), quads but also the back, shoulders and bicep muscles.  This action is an all rounder compound exercise and will give you the best bang for your buck for burning some calories.  This is our top rated YMCA Playnasium equipment piece.

Peter Burns, YMCA Victoria Chief Executive, says “The YMCA has a long history of inventing things – we invented basketball, volleyball, futsal and now the YMCA Playnasium. Being a parent of young kids can make it tricky to get to the gym. This new equipment bridges the gap so people can be at the gym and the playground all at the same time.”

If this initiative is a hit in Australia, lets hope that we see more of these ideas in your average park for all to enjoy.

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