Tools for Nutrition Consultations

Having the right nutrition tools at hand is essential to run a successful client nutrition consultation.  My name’s Luke Daley, I have been running nutrition consultations for 10 years now, focusing mainly on helping clients eat a healthier and more balanced diet but also focusing on how to lose weight effectively and improve sports performance.  This post will hopefully give you some ideas and some handy tools for nutrition consultations in your practice.

The below tools are the basics of what I use currently in clinical practice.  Generally the more visual a tool is the more likely it is to be used by your clients.  Some practitioners I have seen in the past bombard the clients with sheet after sheet of fact sheets, this I have found to be annoying for the client and can reduce a client’s motivation.

Using 3-4 handouts per consult I have found to be the limit for effective delivery of post consult reading and absorption of information.

Top 4 Nutrition Tools For Consultations

  1. 24hour Food & Drink Diary – the core component of a successful nutrition consultation is an effective food and drink diary.  The version I use enables me to keep track of when a client eats during the week and weekend, but also I can work out their serving sizes and calories from this.  If I am working out a weight loss plan, then the calories column comes in handy to enable a calorie restriction that suits the client’s needs and doesn’t leave them ravenous.
  2. A bircher muesli breakfast builder – porridge is the unsung hero when it comes to filling a client up for the morning.  It is cheap, easy to make and full of nutrients.   The PDF builder gives clients an idea of what type of grain to include and if you need to cook it or not.  Then you add your calcium based drink or yogurt, then fruit, nuts, and seeds finishing with a splash of flavor from jam, cinnamon, etc.  Of course there are a tonne of other breakfasts that clients can have, but this one I find works very effectively.
  3. Livelighter salad and sandwich builder – this PDF tool is one of the best resources I have seen in the last 10 years of practice.  It allows your clients to choose their own lunch which is empowering and great for creating behaviour change.  This can also be used with a low FODMAP diet as you can circle the vegetables to look out for such as onions and garlic.   Livelighter also have a great range of recipes on their website.
  4. Daley Nutrition’s Dinner Builder – this I created in 2018 whilst working at the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service.  It enabled me to give my clients portion size ideas which are broken down in carbohydrate, protein and vegetable portions.  At the bottom of the sheet are some options to include as a side sauce or dressing.  Feel free to download and use with your clients.
  5. Kikki.K goals sheet – these book of blank goals sheets is a great way to set some SMART goal with clients, I use them all the time to create behaviour change with clients.


If you have any comments regarding the nutrition consultation tools, feel free to send me a message via Instagram.  I hope this tool helps you in setting up and running your nutrition business.