The Benefits of Breakfast

Posted by Genna Vlitas, Dietitian.

Nutritionists and dietitians praise breakfast as the ‘most important meal of the day’ for many reasons.  The benefits of breakfast are endless such as provides us with the energy and essential nutrients to kick start our day. It reduces mid-morning cravings for less healthy foods. It lifts our mood, increases concentration levels and enhances learning abilities. In fact, school children who regularly eat brekkie have improved English and Maths skills.

Unfortunately, one in seven Australian children do not eat anything before school. There’s really no need for anyone’s family to skip the morning meal with these nutritious and quick-to-prepare brekkie ideas.

  1. Oats

Oats are rich in fibre and slow-releasing (low GI) carbohydrates which keep energy levels stable. They are also a source of beta-glucan proven to lower cholesterol. Oats can be added to yogurt or made into a porridge with low-fat milk. To add flavour and sweetness to both options, add some spices (such as cinnamon, cardamom or nutmeg) and top with fresh seasonal fruit.

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  1. Toast

Toast is simple and quick but also very versatile due to the range of topping options. Some healthy toppings include low-salt peanut butter, avocado, baked beans and low-fat ricotta with tomato. When making toast, use wholegrain bread rather than white bread as it is low GI and provides extra protein, fibre and healthy fats if seeds are involved.

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  1. Yogurt

Yoghurt is a great source of calcium for strong bones and contains natural probiotics which promote gut health. Top low-fat yoghurt with fresh seasonal fruits for added sweetness and a handful of nuts and seeds for extra crunch. Also, why not add low-fat yoghurt to a fruit and vegetable smoothie to provide thickness and creaminess.

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  1. Cereal

Breakfast cereals often get a bad rap but there are many healthier options packed with vitamins and minerals. Look out for the ones which include wholegrains and are lower in sugar (<15g/100g) plus higher in fibre (>4g/serve). Some examples include Weetbix, Kellogg’s Guardian, Kellogg’s All Bran and Goodness Superfoods Digestive.

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  1. Eggs

Having protein-rich eggs in the morning is a great way to keep us satisfied until our next snack or meal. Try eggs scrambled with low-fat milk, boiled or poached and served with toast and sautéed spinach or mushrooms. Another option is to have an omelette made with low-fat cheese and whatever veggies are in the fridge.

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The Benefits of Breakfast
Posted by Genna Vlitas, Dietitian.
Dietitian from Daley Nutrition

Daley Nutrition is a community nutrition team based in Melbourne Victoria, we run a range of nutrition based programs such as cooking demonstrations in Australia to raise people’s awareness of what they are eating and empower them to change certain eating habits.