Spicy Cajun Chicken Couscous Recipe

Created by Nutritionist from Daley Nutrition

Serves 3-4

Preparation Time: Less than 5 mins

Cooking Time: Less than 20 mins


1 tbsp. of extra olive oil.
1 large red onion, cut into wedges.
1 garlic clove.
1 large skinless chicken breasts.
1 tbsp. Cajun seasoning (least salty type).
1 large red capsicums.
A handful of green beans.
1 small chili pepper.

200g Couscous.
50g dried apricots, sliced and diced.
Small tin (or half a normal tin) of lentils.
A handful of fresh mint, chopped.
A dollop of yogurt.

Serve with a side salad.

Which oil should I use when cooking chicken & veg in a pan?

For this recipe, we have used extra virgin olive oil from Cobram Estate in Victoria.  Extra virgin olive is a good heat resistant oil, it will with stand most hob cooking heats up to 230 degrees C.  Avoid using oils that have a high polyunsaturated fat content, as these oils will get damaged quickly by the heat and start smoking.


1) Start by boiling a kettle and putting 200g of couscous in a bowl.
2) When boiled, pour the water over the couscous to cover it.  Then place a plate or cling film over the top of the bowl to seal it and leave for 10mins to soak.
3) Whilst the couscous is soaking add 1 tbsp of oil to a nonstick pan and add the garlic, chopped red onions wedges, capsicum and chicken strips to cook.
4) Then sprinkle the chicken with 1 tbsp. of Cajun seasoning.
5) Cook the ingredients in the pan until the chicken is cooked and slightly brown.
6) Chop up the 50g of dried apricots, mint and drain a small tin of lentils and mix them in with the cooked couscous with a splash of olive oil.
7) Serve the couscous in the middle of the plate and add the chicken and veg on top with a dollop of plain yogurt and mint sprinkled on top.

Spicy cajun chicken couscous nutrition (per person)

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Spicy cajun chicken couscous recipe
Posted by Luke Daley, Registered Nutritionist, Msc, BSc (Hons)
Director and Founder of Daley Nutrition

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