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Nutrition Secondary School Incursions – healthy eating, healthy bodies and healthy minds

Healthy eating & regular exercise is critically important during adolescent and teenager years.  It enables strong bone development, improved brain function and overall improvements in health well being.  Daley Nutrition is here to enhance your students knowledge of nutrition with our secondary school incursions, we educate whole year groups on the principles of nutrition & exercise for healthy young bodies.

Each secondary school incursion is run by one of our Dietitian educators, that are trained to be engaging, motivating and inspiring for young audiences.  The key topics we discuss are: Nutrition foundations, Brain Food and Gut Health, Sports Nutrition for teens.  Each pupil will received Australian dietary guideline leaflets, case study enquiry worksheets and healthy eating goals to work on.

Daley Nutrition has been running curriculum based school incursions about healthy eating for 6 years across Melbourne & Victoria.  We receive 5 star reviews from teachers and pupils that take part in our programs.   As an added bonus for pupils our incursions are supported by a sustainable banana company called Pacific Coast eco-bananas that supply red waxed to all students that attend our seminars.

For more information about our secondary school incursions or to make a booking, use our contact form and our nutrition manager Carly will be in contact within 24 hours.

Our nutrition school incursions run for 1 hour and are delivered by one of our Registered Nutritionist/Dietitian educators.  They include a wide range of activities and educational components that deepen your pupils knowledge about food and nutrition.

Absolutely, we cover every age group from kindergarten to secondary school years.  Follow you way down this website to find our workshop options that suit your class school year.  If you would like a more specific topic covered then just let us know before you book.

The costs vary depending on your location, number of children in a class and we offer discounts depending on how many workshops are run in 1 day.  Carly our nutrition manager will send you a quote, just jump onto our contacts page.

All of our staff have nutrition degrees including: BSc (Hons) & MSc in Nutrition, Dietetics, Public Health Nutrition.
Our school incursion educators also have either a teaching degree or CERT IV in Training and Assessment.
All staff have first aid certificates, food handling certificates and public liability and indemnity insurance.

Yes, we try and take pictures of our classes nutrition creations.  Here are some useful links to view some of our content:





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School Incursions


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School Incursions

Our ‘nutrition foundation for teens’ incursion is designed to offer year groups the correct information on food groups, portion sizes, mineral, vitamins and water.  We use interactive presentations and case study enquires to educate and empower students to modify and their own dietary patterns.  

  • Protein, fat, carbohydrates for healthy bodies.
  • Key minerals to aid in bone growth and reproductive health.
  • Vitamins that aid skin, hair and vital organ health.
  • Junk and processed food awareness.
  • Sugary drinks education and prevention topics.
  • Curriculum focused to cover health and physical education topics.
  • Includes a take home leaflet for parents to reinforce messages at home.

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School Incursions

Children’s brains have a massive growth spurt when are young. The last part of the brain to mature is the part that influences emotions, impulses, aggression and instinctive behaviour.  Nutrition plays a critical role in how this system progresses.   Sugar, junk food fats, excess caffeine and high salt diets can a negative impact on this system if over consumed.  This incursion is designed to empower and up skill high school children to improve their own brain health and well being.

  • Junk food awareness topics.
  • How food makes us feel.
  • How food helps our muscles, bones.
  • Brain boost food and exercise benefit.
  • Case study investigation worksheet.
  • Curriculum focused to cover health and physical education topics.
  • Includes take home leaflet & activity sheet for parents to reinforce messages.

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VCE incursions

Nutrition and exercise work hand in hand.  Luke Daley Nutritionist & Personal Trainer runs this specific workshop for students.  It includes the foundation knowledge of sports nutrition, including protein, fat, carbohydrates requires for sport and exercise.  We focus on an AFL football player diets and learn how they improve their performance with certain nutrients, but also show how balanced their diets are. 

  • Sustainable for Physical Education classes.
  • Macronutrient and micronutrient discussions.
  • How food influences our body systems.
  • Nutrients and different exercises i.e. strength vs cardiovascular.
  • Nutrients from injury prevention and aid recovery.
  • Curriculum focused to cover health and physical education topics.
  • Includes take home info for parents to reinforce messages at home.

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The KEY FACTS that motivate us

In Australia 2.5% of of young people aged 5-14 years ate 2 fruit & 5 vegetables every day.  Worrying they are eating more junk food than ever before, with 33% of their energy intake coming from ‘discretionary choices’, which increases to 41% for 14-18 year olds (AIHW 2019).

Our secondary school incursions and workshops aim to prevent this from happening from an early age.  Our evaluation data shows promising results in younger persons eating behavior change when followed up after our education classes.


The students really enjoyed the nutrition seminar, talking about what an AFL football eats on a daily basis was inspiring and eye opening for my classes”.

– Year 8 teacher – High Vale Secondary College





“The nutrition incursions were well organisation by Daley Nutrition.  The students absorbed a lot of information about nutrients and portion sizes.  They also were shocked by the 5 year old McDonalds you showed them!!”.
– Year 10 teacher.  Kilbreda College Mentone




“The 4 week cooking course was a success with the students.  The students turned up enthusiastic every week ready to learn a new recipe.  We will be booking Daley Nutrition again next year!”.
– Year 10 teacher – Kambrya College, Melbourne.




“Luke spoke with our international students about transitioning to an Australia diet from a Chinese one.  He broke the language barrier but using relevant visuals and food models that were easy to understand”.
– Year 10 teacher Wesley College, Melbourne. 





“We’ve got to start teaching

our kids about food in schools.


Jamie Oliver – TED talk 2006 click here to view