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Secondary School Incursions

Healthy Eating and Nutrition

 Interactive, fun, Secondary School Incursions for Melbourne students, run by insured and qualified Community Nutritionists

Prevention is better than cure”. In a society where obesity and type 2 diabetes is becoming more prevalent among the younger generations, children from an early age should be able to identify was constitutes as a healthy balanced diet to prevent this from happening. Daley nutrition work with community groups and schools to reduce the risk of chronic disease such as obesity and diabetes via fun and interactive secondary school incursions.

In Australia on average from the ages of 2-16 one in four children are currently overweight or obese, which will continue through to adulthood and by 2025 two thirds of Australian adults will be overweight, and a third will develop type 2 diabetes during their lifetime.
Our programs are designed and aim to prevent this from happening from an early age. Our evaluation data collected shows promising results in children’s behaviour change based around healthy eating when we follow them up 1,2,3 years after our incursions and workshops.

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Secondary School Incursions Years

  • School years 7-12
  • VET courses

Below is a description of each Secondary School and College Healthy Eating Workshops.
The workshops content includes:

  • Different learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and reading/writing learners.
  • More than 50% of the workshops are activity based & involve food tasting, which research has shown to increase pupils attention and retention levels of the taught material.
  • Curriculum focused to cover science, social learning and health topics.

The Principles of Good Nutrition

      • Any age – 1 hour long

In this workshop we go through the guidelines of healthy eating from the Department of Health in an interactive, visual way:

      • Taught using a replica food and serving size examples
      • Case study investigation into good and poor diets
      • Nutrition games to play: Sugar, fat, salt, fibre
      • Curriculum focused to cover science, social learning and health topics
      • Recipes and handouts given out

E-mail: carly@daleynutrition.com.au

5 veg 2 fruit workshop

      • For any age – 1 hour workshop

5 veg 2 fruit workshop is designed to encourage students to eat their fruit and veggies! The workshop involves:

      • Food replica examples and visuals
      • Case study investigations in the risk factors of a low fruit and veg diet
      • Food tasting using senses to reduce barriers to fruit and veg
      • Recipes and handouts given out at the end
      • Educates pupils to make healthy choices
      • Pupils are encouraged to taste test new foods using all their senses
      • Curriculum focused to cover science, social learning and health topics

E-mail: carly@daleynutrition.com.au

Obesity and Anorexia awareness

      • For teenage + years – 1 hour workshop

This workshop explains the background to obesity and anorexia and how to prevent the conditions occurring from a young age, at the same time reinforcing a healthy lifestyle.   The workshop involves the following:

      • Taught using visuals such as replica food and fat examples
      • Case study investigations
      • PowerPoint visuals using MRI images to reinforce key points
      • Curriculum focused to cover science, social learning and health topics
      • Handouts and recipes given out at the end

E-mail: carly@daleynutrition.com.au

Cooking demo

      • Any age – 1 hour workshop

Luke Daley (nutritionist), will show students how to cook a quick and easy recipe from scratch and talk about the nutritional benefits for each food item, there are 5 recipes to choose from:

        • Healthy Thai chicken curry and brown rice
        • Spaghetti bolognese and pasta
        • Teriyaki chicken, vegetables and noodles stir fry
        • Chilli con carne and brown rice
        • Butternut pumpkin, carrot and ginger soup with wholemeal bread
        • Fruit smoothies

E-mail: carly@daleynutrition.com.au

Cooking4health cooking course

        • Any age – 1 hour workshop x 4 weeks

Cooking4health is designed to introduce students to healthy cooking.  We are mainly booked by schools/colleges and universities to encourage their students to find healthy recipes they can cook and master for years to come.  Each workshop last for 1 hour and is based on a different nutrition topic each week (sugar, fat, salt, fibre).  The recipes will be specific to the topic seen below:

        • Week 1 – Fibre week: Based around increasing fibre in our diets and a high fibre recipe.
        • Week 2 – Sugar week: Based around reducing the sugar intake into our diets and making healthy smoothies.
        • Week 3 – Salt week: Based around reducing the salt (sodium) in our diets and students will trial out a low salt recipe.
        • Week 4 – Fat week: Based around reducing the bad fats in our diets and encouraging healthy fats.  The recipe will be a low fat recipe.
        • Recipes and handouts are given out

E-mail: carly@daleynutrition.com.au