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Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Dental Hygiene

Daley Nutrition’s interactive and fun children’s centre workshops about nutrition and dental hygiene for kinder years and above

At Daley Nutrition we believe that ‘health prevention is better than cure’. Worryingly statistics from the Australian Government in 2009 stated that 42% of 5-year-olds have some form of tooth decay, which increased to 62% by the age of 9 years and can cause lifelong dental damage.  Young children also consume 30% of their daily energy intake from junk discretionary foods and drinks .  The two biggest causes of this are 1. too much added sugar in a child’s diet (lollies, chocolate, sugary cereals and drinks) 2. a lack of teeth cleaning in the morning and evening. We believe that children should be able to identify what tooth decay is and what causes it.  In our oral health school incursions, we educate little ones about the anatomy of teeth, what they do, how they grow and how to look after them, which is presented in a fun engaging way.

Our nutrition & oral health school incursions are specifically designed and run by our Qualified Dental Nurse and Registered Nutritionists.  Lynne our dental nurse has been working in practice for 40 years and has seen every scary tooth decay case you can think of, and she takes joy in helping the new generals to learn more about their dental health.  All our nutritionist are parents and have been through the battles of lunchboxes, sugar influences and teething cleaning dramas with their own children, which enables them to give specific food and nutrition advice to benefit children and parents.

School years:

  • Kindergarten
  • Prep/Foundation
  • Years 1-2
  • Years 3-6

Below is a description of each Nutrition & Oral Health School Incursions & Workshops. The content is based around interactive learning including:

  • Catering to different learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and reading/writing learners.
  • More than 50% of the workshops are activity based using props, worksheets & food tasting.
  • Curriculum focused to cover health science, social learning and biology topics.


Childrens Centre Workshops

Our Growing Nutrition workshop (1 hour) is delivered in a fun and interactive way.  

  • Suitable for kindergarten and all primary school years
  • Students plant their own seed in a mini pot to take home
  • Learn about where and how food grows
  • Food systems and sustainability
  • Recycling and compost
  • Planting and growing food
  • Curriculum focused to cover science, social learning, sustainability and health topics.

Follow up option: cooking demonstration using produce grown by the class.

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Childrens Centre Workshops

Snack Art workshop Incursions (1 hour):  this workshop is packed with nutrition visuals and it is taught using fun activities, story-telling, food tasting and colourful props. The kids have a blast and so do our nutritionists running them!

  • Suitable for kindergarten and prep years
  • How food makes us feel
  • How food helps our muscles, bones, skin and teeth
  • Create an edible work of art
  • Taste test foods using all 5 senses
  • Curriculum focused to cover science, social learning and health topics
  • Includes take home leaflet for parents to reinforce messages at home

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Childrens Centre Workshops

The Healthy Smiles oral health workshop (1 hour) introduces children to dental hygiene and health. We go through the function of our teeth and how to keep them healthy by understanding which foods and drinks can cause tooth decay:

  • Children learn about how their teeth work and function
  • Children learn how food and drinks can cause tooth decay
  • Children will learn about how calcium foods help our teeth
  • In groups we will make a healthy high calcium smoothie recipe!

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Childrens Centre Workshops

It is important to empower parents with up to date nutrition and dental health information.  Often parents aversions to nutrition and dental health will be passed down to their children.  In this packed 1 hour workshop, we visually educate parents about how to look after their children’s diet and encourage health dental hygiene routines.  

  • Parents learn about how their teeth work and function
  • Parents learn how food and drinks can cause tooth decay
  • Attendees will be able to ask questions and learn from other parents in a peer learning environment
  • Recipes, handouts and resources will be given out to empower parents at home
  • In groups we will make a healthy high calcium smoothie recipe!

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Nutrition Professionals

Daley Nutrition employ engaging staff that are full of energy for school incursions and have:

University qualification in Nutrition or Dietetics
Working with Children’s check
Years of experience teaching children
Public liability and indemnity insurance
First aid certificate

Recognised by the Health Industry

Daley Nutrition are well respected and have worked with a range of health organisations in the last year such as:

Diabetes Victoria
Nutrition Australia
The Department of Heath & Human Services
Dianella Community Health
Life! program

Cost Effective Service

Daley Nutrition offer great cost effective School Incursions including:

Trained Professionals
Interactive and memorable visuals
Up to date research
Take home worksheets
  Food tasting in all sessions
  Newsletter Info
Follow up resources for teachers and parents


“We’ve got to start teaching

our kids about food in schools.


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