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Healthy Eating

Fun Nutrition School Incursions about healthy eating & the body for all school years run by Dietitian educators

Enhance your pupils’ knowledge of healthy eating and nutrition with hands-on interactive school incursions and workshops about food groups, nutrients and balanced eating.  Daley Nutrition is a family run nutrition business made up of Nutrition experts set up by Public Health Nutritionist Luke Daley and children’s entertainer Carly Daley.  For the last 6 years we have been visiting Victorian schools and running curriculum based school incursions about healthy eating and changing the eating habits of pupils, parents and teachers along the way.

We use superhero themes in our healthy eating workshops to help pupils to understand how food makes us feel and grow.  We know that food has a large role to play in how we think, feel and act.  Teaching children about health from an early age helps us to build happy, healthy resilient future adults.

In all our incursions use a 50% teaching, 50% activity based approach to class education using quizzes, puzzle worksheets, sugar games, case studies, food tasting and seed growing that excite all learning styles and interests.  All of our Nutrition and Dietetic educators are university qualified, have first aid certificates, full liability insurance.  After the workshops, the nutritionist will leave an extension activity for the teacher to use to reinforce key messages about healthy eating.

Our school incursions are proudly supported by a sustainable banana company called Pacific Coast eco-bananas , they supply red waxed tipped bananas to pupils we educate about healthy eating.   For more information about school nutrition workshops or to make a booking, use our contact form and our nutrition manager Carly will be in contact within 24 hours.

(Below is a fruit & veg crossword worksheet for teachers to download as an example of 1 of 4 worksheets we use in class).

Our nutrition school incursions run for 1 hour and are delivered by one of our Registered Nutritionist/Dietitian educators.  They include a wide range of activities and educational components that deepen your pupils knowledge about food and nutrition.

Absolutely, we cover every age group from kindergarten to secondary school years.  Follow you way down this website to find our workshop options that suit your class school year.  If you would like a more specific topic covered then just let us know before you book.

The costs vary depending on your location, number of children in a class and we offer discounts depending on how many workshops are run in 1 day.  Carly our nutrition manager will send you a quote, just jump onto our contacts page.

All of our staff have nutrition degrees including: BSc (Hons) & MSc in Nutrition, Dietetics, Public Health Nutrition.
Our school incursion educators also have either a teaching degree or CERT IV in Training and Assessment.
All staff have first aid certificates, food handling certificates and public liability and indemnity insurance.

Yes, we try and take pictures of our classes nutrition creations.  Here are some useful links to view some of our content:




Pupils & Parents


School Incursions


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School Incursions

Snack Art School Incursion (1 hour): This creative incursion is packed with nutrition visuals and it is taught using fun activities, story-telling, food tasting, senses using and colourful props. The kids have a great time and so do our nutritionists running them!

  • Suitable for kindergarten and prep years
  • How food makes us feel.
  • How food helps our muscles, bones, skin and teeth
  • Create an edible work of art & a superhero mask
  • Taste test foods using all 5 senses
  • Curriculum focused to cover health and physical education topics.
  • Includes take home leaflet & activity sheet for parents to reinforce messages.

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School Incursions

Our 2 Fruit 5 Veg School Incursion (1 hour) is taught using fun interactive nutrition activities, food tasting, colourful fruit and veg visuals. It reinforces the benefits of eat fruit and veg every day.

  • Suitable for school years 1 and 2
  • How food makes us feel good, grow strong, stay healthy and thrive. 
  • Government recommendations of fruit and veg intake and portion sizes.
  • Benefits of “eating a rainbow” of vegetables & fruits.
  • How to grow vegetables, including seeds to take home.
  • Taste test new and colourful foods using our senses & make a superhero mask.
  • Curriculum focused to cover health and physical education topics.
  • Includes a take home leaflet for parents to reinforce messages at home.

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School Incursions

Healthy Humans School Incursions (1 hour): taught using interactive activities, food tasting, sugar awareness visuals.

  • Suitable for years 3 and 4.
  • Recommended food group daily serves and portions.
  • How food influences our body systems.
  • How to grow veg and food sustainability, including take-home seeds to grow.
  • Vitamins and minerals focusing on calcium and bones.
  • Sugary cereals awareness activity & make a fruit & veg superhero mask.
  • Taste test foods from each food group section.
  • Curriculum focused to cover health and physical education topics.
  • Includes take home info for parents to reinforce messages at home.

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School Incursions

Healthy Habits School Incursion (1 hour): taught using fun activities, food tasting, sugar awareness games and visuals.

  • Suitable for years 5 and 6.
  • Recommended daily serves and portions.
  • How food influences our body systems long term using case studies.
  • Vitamins, minerals, protein, fats and carbohydrate discussion. 
  • How to grow veg and food sustainability, plus take home seeds to grow.
  • Sugary cereals awareness activities & superhero mask making.
  • Taste test foods from each food group section.
  • Curriculum focused to health and physical activity topics.
  • Includes take home info for parents to reinforce messages.

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School Incursions

Growing Nutrition School Incursion (1 hour): educates pupils about where different fruit and veg grow and which seasons to harvest the produce. We also plant veggie seeds in pots or in the schools veggie garden.

  • Suitable for kindergarten and all primary school years
  • Students plant their own seed in a mini pot to take home
  • Learn about where and how food grows
  • Recycling and composting
  • Planting and growing food
  • Curriculum focused to cover science, social learning, sustainability and health topics.

Follow up option (optional): cooking demonstration using produce grown by the class.

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nutrition School incursions
  • Kinder and Pre-school/ELC – Prep/Foundation – for other school years options click here

The Health Smiles oral health school incursions (1hour) introduces children to what their teeth do, the anatomy and how to look after them by cleaning and choosing tooth friendly drinks and foods.

  • Pupils become familiar with how their teeth function and move
  • Pupils become familiar with how our dietary habits influence our dental health
  • Pupils learn about how calcium influences our teeth and bones
  • Pupils will be able to try a teeth healthy smoothie recipe
  • Curriculum focused to cover science, social learning and health topics

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nutrition School incursions

For all our secondary school workshops please click here

  • The Principles of Good Nutrition
  • The Fruit and Veg workshop
  • Obesity and Anorexia workshop
  • Cook4health cooking course

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School Incursions

Our school incursions are a great way to empower children to make healthy changes in their diet.  However, parents are the biggest driver of healthy habits at home and school packed lunches.  Our parent’s nutrition information workshop is designed by Dietetic parents for school parents to learn about how food influences our children muscles, bones, brain development, balance mood levels and enable sustainable energy throughout the day.  The topics we cover are:

  • What is a healthy breakfast
  • Healthy lunchbox ideas and snacks.
  • Food mood and improving children’s learning capacity.
  • Food and physical activity.
  • Junk food advertising and their risks.
  • Sugar, fat and salt and your child’s health.
  • How to read a food label (including parent shopping cards).
  • Recipes and leaflets handed out.

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School Incursions

MUFFIN PIZZA FACES (1 hour) – this incursion we set up because it is so much fun and we love to see how creative the pupils get with making their muffin pizzas.  Recipes are sent home to the parents to reinforce the benefits of the workshop.

  • Suitable for all school years
  • Each pupils can create a healthy muffin pizza face during the session.
  • We talk to pupils about the benefits of cooking from home
  • There is a big focus on eating fruit and veg with puzzle games to complete
  • We talk about the ingredients | Foods groups and balanced eating.
  • Children draw what they eat every day to reinforce healthy eating principles.
  • The pizzas can be cooked onsite or wrapped up and taken home to parents.


School Incursions

BIG COOKS LITTLE COOKS – A fun, interactive cooking course for parents and children to learn how to cook healthy meals together. 

  • Each week we learn a new recipe.
  • There are different themes for each week
  • Nutrition education games around sugar/ fat/ salt awareness
  • Label reading activities
  • It improves family bonding and eating patterns.
  • It can be run over 1-4 weeks depending on schools requirement
  • Maximum of 15 attendees per session.

E-mail: carly@daleynutrition.com.au

The FACTS that motivate us

In Australia 95% of children and young people aged 2-18 years are struggling to achieve the recommended daily intake of  2 fruit and 5 veg.  Low fruit and veg intake can cause a range of health issues such as weight management problems, type 2 diabetes and can lead to unhealthy habits as an adult.  Our school incursions and workshops aim to prevent this from happening from an early age.  Our evaluation data shows promising results in children’s behavior change based around healthy eating when followed up after their school incursions.


School incursionsThe kids really enjoyed the experience, especially the food tasting and art activity. The sessions were very engaging and Luke catered for their needs and knowledge really well”.

– Year 2 teacher – Kurunjang Primary School, Melbourne





 “The children had a wonderful time during your healthy food incursions and definitely learnt something new about eating well.  It’s always difficult trying to think of ways to educate the youngest members of our school so that the information delivered is relevant and effective but you managed to do a great job and make it fun at the same time”.
– Year 6 teacher – Wesley College, Melbourne




School incursions “We have continued to talk about where fruits and vegetables grow and have illustrated excellent pictures which are displayed in our room.  We even researched where pineapples grow which we learnt is on top of the ground!!”.
– Prep Teacher – Little Beacons, Beaconhill College




school incursions quote“We thank you for your professionalism and positive approach to each session.  It was such a pleasure to have you at our school.  I would not hesitate to recommend Daley Nutrition”.
– Teacher – Oakleigh Grammar School




School incursions “The healthy food school incursion by Daley Nutrition was great, really reinforced our leanings, the kids loved it,  I’m going to recommend this workshop to all our teachers”.
– Year 3 teacher – Holy Trinity Catholic School, Melbourne.



school incursions quote 2

“It was an absolute delight having Luke here.  We received fantastic feedback and the kids really enjoyed the healthy eating incursions”.  See you again next year!

Team leader – Hepburn Shire CouncilSave


School Incursion Professionals

Daley Nutrition employ engaging staff that are full of energy for school incursions and have:

University qualification in Nutrition or Dietetics
Working with Children’s check
Years of experience teaching children
Public liability and indemnity insurance
First aid certificate

Recognised by the Health Industry

Daley Nutrition are well respected and have worked with a range of health organisations in the last year such as:

Diabetes Victoria
Nutrition Australia
The Department of Heath & Human Services
Dianella Community Health
Life! program

Cost Effective Service

Daley Nutrition offer great cost effective School Incursions including:

Trained Professionals
Interactive and memorable visuals
Up to date research
  Food tasting in all sessions
  Newsletter Info
Follow-up resources (if needed)


“We’ve got to start teaching

our kids about food in schools.


Jamie Oliver – TED talk 2006 click here to view

School Incursions