Nutrition School Holiday Programs Melbourne

Run by Qualified Nutritionists

Daley Nutrition offer school holiday programs and workshops based around healthy eating and growing your own veg, they are designed for organisations and social groups to book.  Our workshops are designed to be fun, interactive and educational for children to take part in and learn about the benefits of healthy eating.  The workshops are usually booked by charities/ youth groups / church groups / councils / friendship groups.

  • Food tasting using your senses
  • Creative food art activities
  • Story telling and songs around healthy eating
  • Childrens cooking courses based around tasty healthy meals such as pizza, stir fries, curries, smoothies and healthy desserts.
  • Colouring and sticking activities and BINGO!
  • Sugar and fat games
  • and many more.  Below we have more information around our School Holiday Programs Melbourne.

Below is a description of each school holiday workshop.  They include:

  • Content designed around different learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and reading/writing learners.
  • More than 50% of our School holiday workshops are activity based & involve food tasting, which research has shown to increase pupils attention and retention levels of the taught material.
  • Curriculum focused to cover science, social learning and health topics.


Veggie Garden workshop

For all school primary schools (adapted to be age appropriate)

The Veggie Garden holiday workshop is 1 hour long and is delivered in a fun and interactive way.  Most successful when the client provides a small area of earth or planter box to maintain their own veggies.

  • Learn how to plant seeds and how to maintain them during growth, they will even have a seedling to take home and nurture
  • Find out how to introduce vegetables into their daily diet
  • Children be taught about the nutrition of veggies and their benefits to the body including muscles, bones & vital organs.

Phone: 0466 471 142


Snack Art Workshop

Snack art workshop (1 hour): is taught using fun activities, story-telling, food tasting & colourful visuals.

  • Helps pupils to identify government recommendations for intake of fruit & vegetables per day, portion sizes & benefits
  • Educates pupils to make healthy choices
  • Pupils are encouraged to taste test new foods using all their senses
  • All round fun packed workshop!

Phone: 0466 471 142


Cooking4health (1-4 week cooking course program)

Any age – 1 hour per week (you can pick and choose the ones you want). 

Cooking4health is a 4 week cooking program designed to introduce students to healthy cooking topics and methods. Each week last for 1 hour and is based on a different nutrition topic each week (sugar, fat, salt, fibre). The recipes will be specific to the topic seen below:

  • Week 1 – Sugar week: Based around reducing added sugar in our diets and making healthy smoothies.
  • Week 2 – Fibre week: Based around increasing fibre in our diets and a high fibre recipe.
  • Week 3 – Salt week: Based around reducing the salt (sodium) in our diets based around a low salt recipe.
  • Week 4 – Fat week: Based around reducing the bad fats in our diets and encouraging healthy fats.
  • Recipes and handouts are given out in all of our school holiday programs Melbourne.

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