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Product Development

As well as running nutrition workshops Daley Nutrition loves to help business with their product developments leading to healthier and more nutrient dense products that suit their customers.  We have extensive knowledge about government nutritional guidelines, food group servings as well as nutritional biochemical knowledge about the nutrients in foods.  We have an understand about the Food Standards Australia New Zealand food code and can apply this knowledge to help with your product develop to ensure your products add up to the claims.  I.e. high in protein, low in fat, high in calcium, fibre etc.

We also run community workshops to 10,000 people a year including universities, schools, workplaces and community centres and can offer samples and feedback from our clients about your products.  Please note this only applies to healthy products that we endorse of, i.e. our partners eco-bananas.


Cooking demonstrations


Back in 2015 we met with representatives from Johns Nuts and helped with the development of labelling a new line of their products:

  • Health benefits
  • Nutrition labelling 
  • Serving sizes
  • Consumer preference
  • Recipe ideas
  • Product naming 
School Incursions


In 2017 we were contacted by Shakez Smoothies based in Lilydale shopping centre.  They have a really strong healthy line of smoothies that we believe in and wanted to help support.

  • Helped to produce a new line of kids smoothies
  • Gave nutritional advice
  • Supported with product labelling
  • Aided in their launch and social media presence
  • Their blog post about their kids smoothies can be found here