Q. What makes our trainers different?

As parents, Luke and Carly understand how taxing parenting is on your body and energy and how precious your time is.  Our half-hour 1:1 sessions are designed specifically for YOU and your goals as adults or parents that struggle setting time to exercise.  We want to know what’s going to make your life easier; weight loss, increasing strength, building muscle, sports conditioning for example.  You tell us what you want and we will work with you to make it happen.

Are key focus is building your confidence with exercise and offering guidance & support with strength training techniques & skills. We work alongside other gyms & physiotherapists to offer specific weight training plans and strength improvement analyses.  We also have Private Health Rebates Available.

As well as being a personal trainer, Luke D holds a master’s degree in nutrition and works as a lecturer in Melbourne.  He has a keen interest in sports nutrition & strength training and has been a competitive swimmer and tennis player.

Carly D comes from a professional dance background and loves working with mums to help them feel as fit and strong as before they had kids as well as working with women post-menopause.  Carly’s passionate about making fitness fun and combining it with dancing in Fusion Fit classes.

Daley Nutrition & PT has another trainer called Carly who is a professional triathlete and fitness guru.  She is the master of HIIT training and gets the most out of a 30-minute workout.

We are not your traditional gym, we individualize your workouts!

We are located at Daley Nutrition, 1 Governor Arthur Drive, Patterson Lakes where we have a personal training studio and nutrition consult room.

A single personal training session is $55 for a single session ($30 trial price).

We have packages, which significantly reduce the cost per session (same prices since 2019):

Gold package:

  • Goal setting, body measurements and analysis
  • 10 x 30min PT sessions
  • 1 x nutrition consultation
  • 12 hour cancellation notice needed
  • Please email us for pthe rice.

Silver package:

  • Goal setting, body measurements and analysis
  • 10 x 30 min PT sessions
  • Valid for 12 weeks.
  • 12 hour cancellation notice needed.
  • Please email us for the price.

Bronze package:

  • Includes home work out.
  • 12 hour cancellation notice needed.
  • Please email us for the price.

Single session

  • $55 for a single session

You can.

The following funds require a medical referral and completion of appropriate documentation.

It is very simple!  Just click on the orange button below “PERSONAL TRAINING ONLINE BOOKING” to be taken directly to our booking system.

If you’re unable to find a suitable time please email us as we may have the flexibility to see you outside of usual hours.

Contact us

Absolutely.  We have a nutrition clinic room on-site in Patterson Lakes and offer combined PT and Nutrition packages.  Unlike most PT’s Luke hasn’t just studied nutrition as part of his PT training, he’s got 2 nutrition degrees and is a university lecturer in nutrition.

For all nutrition consultation options click here.

Please email us, due to the COVID period we have reduced this option.

Q. How much Physical Activity is recommended per week?

2.5-5 hours of moderate physical activity – i.e. jogging, swimming, dancing.
At least 2 strengthening training days – to build & preserve muscle


Personal training Patterson lakes

Two-thirds of people in Australia are currently on a diet according to the ABS.  We focus most of our work on helping clients lose weight successfully and sustainably.  We use a non-diet approach, focus on your habits, your routines and find the exercises you enjoy doing and then create a plan that is realistic to your lifestyle.

  • Exercises to enable fat burning (lipolysis) on the body.
  • Weight training and muscle building to increase metabolism.
  • Injury prevention exercises.
  • Access to our Personal Training app for home exercises.
  • Body fat and muscle mass measurements every 4 weeks.



Personal training Patterson lakes

Muscle building/conditioning is crucial to health.  There is a long list of reasons to start resistance training including bone health, metabolism benefits, self-confidence etc.  The guidelines recommend 2-3 resistance training sessions per week, working the major muscle groups 8-10 times in that time period.   Our Personal Trainers create muscle building plans that suit your body’s needs, focusing on injury prevention and enabling effective hypertrophy and strength building.

  • Dumbbells used up to 25kg.
  • Squat rack and deadlift used up to 100kg.
  • Access to our Personal Training app for home exercises.
  • Body fat and muscle mass measurements every 4 weeks.



Personal training patterson lakes

Your fitness level (VO2 max) is an indicator of your aerobic endurance capacity.  We use high-intensity interval training circuits and boxing fitness drills to boost your fitness levels.  1 x 30min session of HIIT training with our trainers can give you the same benefit as a 1-hour run.

  • Run by boxing fitness certified trainer (Luke)
  • A wide range of equipment used from ropes to TRX cables.
  • Access to our Personal Training app for home exercises.
  • Body fat and muscle mass measurements every 4 weeks.
  • Fitness test every 4 weeks.

The Equipment We Use

We have a wide range of equipment suitable for beginners to advanced gym-goers.  Medicines balls | Boxing Equipment| Kettle Bells | Dumbbells | Weighted bars | Pull up bars | Battle Ropes

Personal training Patterson Lakes 

Different packages available to suit your budget and get you to your goals sooner .  Combine personal training, group fitness and nutrition.

No Membership Fees

We don’t charge joining fees or membership fees.  You only pay for the sessions you commit to.  No cancellation fees with 24 hours notice.

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(Please contact us to book a package PT option, so we can send an invoice and book your first session)

Single Sessions

$$55/for single session
  • One on one training
  • $30 trial session price
  • $65 for 2 person training

Bronze Package

  • 5 x 30min PT sessions
  • Valid for 6 weeks
  • Home Workout Plans
  • Private health rebates

Silver Package

  • 10 x 30min PT sessions
  • Fitness testing, body fat and muscle analysis
  • Valid for 12 weeks
  • Home Workout Plans
  • Private health rebates

Gold Package

  • 10 x 30min PT sessions
  • 1 x Dietitian Consultation
  • Fitness testing, body fat and muscle analysis
  • Valid for 12 weeks
  • Updated weekly program card
  • Private health rebates
  • Our most popular package


Ready to make a life change? We’re thrilled to help you along your path to a fit and healthy life. Our personal trainers take great pride in helping achieve your goals.