Being active in 2020 can be a struggle, as we work longer hours and experience higher levels of stress as a nation.   We know that exercise can have a strong, positive influence on reducing everyone’s risk factors of chronic disease such as heart disease certain mental illnesses (Medical Journal link).

A 30+ minute window is encouraged every day according to the Australian Department of Health PA guidelines 2019.   With 2-3 days of strength training exercises, including 1-3 sets of 3-20 reps for all key muscle groups across the body.   Sometimes this can be a little daunting and overwhelming especially for parents with young children and those with health issues.  Our team is here to help, using Skype/Facetime to run our 30 minute online workout sessions or to set you up with exercise programs to do at home or the gym.

Daley Nutrition & Personal Training is run by Dietitians and certified personal trainers that can help to design weekly-monthly online programs that can be access via your computer or smartphone app.  The above tab shows you an example 1 day exercise plan that be personalised to your fitness level and workout preferences.  Below are our 3 personal trainers that can create an online personal training program for you & consult online.

Our workout/consult time slots are from 5pm-9pm – Monday / Wednesday / Thursday / & 7am-11am Sundays.

Carly Burmeister
Carly BurmeisterCertified Personal Trainer
10 years professional Triathlete
National Champion off road Triathlon
HIIT training & endurance exert
Luke Daley
Luke DaleyRegistered Nutritionist & PT
10 years as a Nutritionist.
Strength based Personal Trainer
Hypertrophy training.
Carly Daley
Carly DaleyFitness Instructor / Dancer
Performing artist for 10 years
Dancing Fitness trainer
Parents fitness expert

Program Workouts

  • Structured reps, weight & rest period

  • Tick boxes for each workout

  • Track body measurements

  • Store progress pictures

  • 7 Day Nutrition plans (additional cost)

  • Message our Trainers for Help

personal training patterson lakes

Workouts Examples

  • Dumbbell & machine exercise workouts

  • Bodyweight exercises & HIIT

  • Kettlebells – beginner/ intermediate/ advanced.

  • TRX workouts.

  • Fitness tests – push ups, squats & Abs.

Exercise Examples


Initial PT Assessment Consult

$60/per session
  • Health Consult
  • Initial Fitness Assessment
  • Write up Exercise Program
  • Log in details to our online program

Regular PT Online

$4999/per 30 session
  • 25 minute workout
  • Via Skype or Facetime
  • Edits to Online Home Programs
  • Overcome barriers

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