Created by Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Nutritionist Luke Daley

Daley Nutrition and Personal Training is a family run business in Melbourne.  We run one on one personal training and mobile training.  In 2018 we have branched out to offer online fitness packages to clients looking to do their own personal training that can be done at home or in the gym in your own time.

We use an app called My PT Hub and have built 4 training packaging which you can purchase online.

What’s including in the online fitness app?

  • Online fitness packages to be tracked on your smartphone app.
  • Arms, back and abdominals workout.
  • Leg day workout.
  • Chest & tricep workout.
  • Track your weight and other measurements.
  • Take before and after photos.
  • Access to Luke Daley Personal Trainer with questions.
  •  6 months of access to the app.

Workout Example on the app



Our starting out fitness package is for anyone looking to get into exercise and has not trained for many years.

30-45min workouts for each muscle group. 

$39.99 for 6 months access. 


Our intermediate exercise plan is for people who have been training for 1-2 years and would like a more structured plan to follow at home or the gym. 

30-45mins workouts for each muscle group. 

$39.99 for 6 months access. 


This exercise plan is for those that can lift heavy weights and have been training for many years, it is not recommended for people that have been training for less than 1 year. 

30-45mins plans for each muscle group.  

$39.99 for 6 months access. 

Parent FIT Workout APP

Our Parent FIT Workout app gives you access to 50 x 10min training sessions.  They can be pefofrmed at home, when walking the pram, at the park at simple at the gym.  They include a range of bottle weight and also equipment based exercise to get you back into the routine of resistant training.  The app gives access to 6 months of structure workshops available via Iphone or Android app use. 

10mins x 50 exercise types

$40 for 6 months access. 

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