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Take the guesswork out of your home workouts and let our pre-written online dumbbell plans guide you. There are 3 intensity levels to choose from and lots of great features to support you in reaching your goals. The online smartphone app we use gives you structured reps, sets and rest periods to follow to progress your home or gym dumbbell workouts. We also have 12 week packages available to purchase for $1 including a single workout option.

It is important to test your muscle fitness and strength progressions to help with advancing your skills and abilities. Below is a free Dumbbell Training Tracker PDF to measure your progress. Please view or FAQs for common questions and answers or please email us with any issues or concerns.

Programmed Workouts

  • Structured reps, weight & rest periods

  • Tick boxes for each workout

  • Track body measurements

  • Store progress pictures

  • Fitness tests available

  • Youtube workout examples

  • Message our trainers for help

  • 12 weeks of access

  • 7 Day Nutrition plans (additional cost)

Muscle Groups Targeted

  • Full leg day workout

  • Back, Biceps and Shoulder Workout

  • Chest and Triceps

  • ABS Workout

  • 2 x Body Weight Workouts

  • $ 1 Single Workout Options

Nutrition meal plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, please click on the package that suits you.  After purchasing make sure you set up your login details, this will enable entry to the workouts.

To access the workout package online, make sure you following the links in the email you will receive (check junk mail).  If you are still struggling to access the login page, use the below links.

To start your first workout, simply follow the below steps.

Please follow the below steps to access the workout options in the package:

Step 1 – Login into the app on your phone or computer browser.

Step 2 – Click on ‘my hub’ in the side panel.

Step 3 – Click the start workout button.

Step 4 – Scroll down the workout options and click the workout you are after.

Step 5 – When completed, tick the workout boxes and finish workout.

To access the support videos and workout instructions, follow the below methods:

  • Smartphone app – during a workout click on the exercise name for support i.e. bicep curl.
  • Computer web browser – during the workout click on the image showing the exercise.
Nutrition meal plans



A program for anyone looking to start a strength training plan and has not trained for many years. 30-45 minute workouts for each muscle group.   

$19.99 for 8 weeks access. 


A series of workouts designed for people who have been training for 6 months – 2 years and would like a more structured plan to follow at home or the gym. 30-45 mins workouts for each muscle group included.  

$19.99 for 8 weeks access. 


A program for lifting heavy weights for individuals that have been training for many years, it is not recommended for people that have been training regularly for more than 1 year.   30-45 mins plans for each muscle group.  

$19.99 for 8 weeks access. 


This package gives you access to 50 x 10 mins workouts.  They include a range of workouts to help you to slot exercise into your weekly routine.

$19.99 for 8 weeks access. 

THE FULL PACKAGE 12 month access

This plan gives you full access to the starting out, intermediate and advance workouts.  Perfect if you are starting out and looking to take things more serious in the next 6-12 months. 30-45 mins workouts for each muscle group. 

$39.99 for 12 months access. 


This package gives you 8 weeks of access to 6 x TRX workout plans.  They include a beginner, intermediate and advanced level workout, also a full body, upper and lower body specific workouts.

$4.99 for 8 weeks access. 

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