Nut free Lime Bliss Balls

This nut free lime bliss balls recipe is one of three fruit based bliss ball recipes in our collection.  It make a great addition to a school lunchbox, and is quite easy to put together whilst you are juggling dinner for your children, or in your free time.  The sweetness of the dates and the sour from the lime gives the bliss a real contrasting kick of flavour.

We have used oats and desiccated coconut as the base ingredient to increase the fibre and complex carbohydrates of the balls.  The dates can be the usual Pakistani dates or the medjool dates for a more milder taste.  The dates need soaking in boiling water for 5mins to get soft, then drained.  If you are like us in Australia we grow our own limes and lemons, which naturally find their way into our bliss balls.  If you aren’t a fan of the lime flavour, we also have strawberry & lemon bliss ball recipes on our website.

We are often asked for the nutritional benefits of the bliss balls, the ones we make tend to follow a similar macro-nutrient pattern or complex carbohydrates such as oats, healthy fats from nuts or seeds and medium chain saturated fats from coconut.  The fruit add vitamin C to the education and extra fibre as well as some added fructose sweetness.  The combination of all these macro-nutrients together enables a slower digestion rate and leaves you feeling fuller for longer, compared to a packet of chips or lollies.

Nut free lime and coconut bliss balls

Ingredients (makes 8 balls).

  • 1 cup of soaked dates (soak in warm water first for 10mins).
  • 1/2 cup of desiccated coconut.
  • 1/2 cup of oats
  • 3 tbsp of lime juice.
  • 1 tsp of lime zest.
  • 2 tsp of chia seeds (helps them to stick)


  1. Blend the ingredients in a blender.
  2. Add the chia seeds as the end and hand mix into the batter.
  3. Roll the dough into balls in your hands.
  4. Then roll the balls in the shredded coconut.
  5. Pop in the fridge for 30mins before eating.

Enjoy 1-2 a day as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Nut free lime bliss balls
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