Exercise Snacking Workout 3

(Level: Starting Out)

Welcome to the 3rd Exercise Snacking Workout of this series.  These workouts offer a quick 10-minute workout plan for you to follow at home or in the gym, offering 10 minutes to a workout is less intimidating than a full 30-45 window, which might be a struggle to find in a busy work/family life.   This workout includes dumbbells (if needed), or if you haven’t managed to pick up a pair of dumbbells yet, try using a water bottle or tin of beans.  A 3l carton of milk might be problematic.

Below are some key points to consider before starting a workout, please contact your local physiotherapist for any concerns or previous injuries before starting the workout:

✔️  Do I have any previous injuries I need to address first?
✔️  Can I find a regular window of time to perform the workout?
✔️  How am I going to warm up and cool down.
✔️  Stretch after every workout.

Exercises to perform

  1. Elbow plank 
  2. Lunges (dumbbells if needed)
  3. Glute bridges 
  4. Shoulder Press

Exercise Snacking Workout 3

Exercise Snacking 4 Journal: