Exercise Snacking Workout 2

This is the second workout in a series of exercise snacking workouts coming to our website soon.  The concept of exercise snacking is to break down a workout into 10 minutes intervals during the day to perform, which can be easier to achieve compared to finding a 45-60 minute window of opportunity to complete a full workout.  The concept we use with a lot of parent personal training clients, especially those that have elevate blood sugar levels as exercise snacking can improve a persons glycaemic control after a meal.  The exercise snacking workout below is structured into circuits……….basically follow the arrows and take an appropriate rest period if needed, then complete this for 3-4 rotations to complete.

Below are some key points to consider before starting a new workout routine, please contact your local physiotherapist for any concerns or previous injuries before starting the workout:

✔️  Do I have any previous injuries I need to address first.
✔️  Can I find a regular windows of time to perform the workout.
✔️  How am I going to warm up and cool down.
✔️  Stretch after every workout.

Exercises to perform

  1. Dumbbell shoulder press – stand up straight, brace your core muscle.  Keep your chest up and your head looking forward.  Extension your arms above your head and bring them down to your shoulder line.
  2. Triceps extensions – stand upright, shoulders legs apart.  Brace your core and extend the dumbbells straight up above your head, with your knuckles facing the roof.  Bring the dumbbells down behind the back of your head until your feel a stretch, then extend them back to the starting position above your head.  If you feel elbow pain, try and move the elbow location around behind your head to reduce the pain.
  3. Bicep hammer curls – this is a bicep workout focusing on the long head of the bicep.  This is a simple exercise that can be mastered quickly.  Standing up with your core muscle braced (tensed).  Keeping your elbows by your side and your shoulder back, curl the dumbbell until your thumbs are near your shoulders and return to a fully extended arm position at the bottom.  Simply find a dumbbell you can perform 8-12 reps with until you start to fatigue.
  4. Upwards rows – this exercise targets the upper back and shoulders.  Standing up straight bracing your core muscles, lift the dumbbells up to your shoulder line, squeeze your shoulder blades together allowing your elbows to point outwards.  Then lower down to the starting position.

Exercise Snacking workout 2

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