Exercise Snacking Workout 1

This is the first of a series of exercise snacking workouts coming to our website soon.  The concept of breaking down workouts into 10 minutes slots during the day can be easier to achieve rather than slotting in a 45-60 minute window during the day.  The concept we use with a lot of parent personal training clients, especially those that have elevate blood sugar levels as exercise snacking can improve a persons glycaemic control after a meal.  The exercise snacking workout below is structured into circuits……….basically follow the arrows and take an appropriate rest period if needed, then complete this for 3-4 rotations to complete.

Below are some key points to consider before starting a new workout routine:

✔️  Do I have any previous injuries I need to address first.
✔️  Can I find a regular windows of time to perform the workout.
✔️  How am I going to warm up and cool down.
✔️  Stretch after every workout.

Exercises to perform

  1. Wall squats – find a strong wall, push your lower back and shoulder blades into the wall, then lower yourself down until you feel your front legs (quadriceps) starting to get firm.  Hold until you feel a slight burn in the muscles (lactic acid).
  2. Wall push ups – find a strong wall, take a mini step backwards from the wall and using the palms of your hands on the wall, lower your face down to the wall at an angle.  Make sure your wrists are in line with your nipple line.  Then push your body away slowly and repeat until you feel a burn.
  3. Lateral bends – this is an abdominal exercise and is not suitable for those with back issues.  The key is to switch your abdominal muscles on so they are tense.  Then standing straight, lower yourself down to your right side and then reverse the movement to standing again, then repeat on the left side.  Complete enough repetitions on one each side until your start to fatigue.
  4. Seated Leg Extensions – find a chair that can support your weight.  Sit down and shuffle your bottom to the back of the chair, grab then sides of the chair with your hands and brace your core abdominal muscles.   Extended one leg out in front of you, take your time and brace your core then extend the other leg out then switch legs, go until your tummy muscles fatigue.

Exercise snacking 1

Exercise Snacking 4 Journal: