Dinner Builder PDF

Our dinner builder PDF is a great resource if you are looking for more structure to your dinner portion sizes.  It includes key food groups and recommendations to enable a nutritious dinner plate.  Each section is broken down into food groups such as vegetables, starchy carbohydrates, protein sources and an extra section for sauces and added flavours that can make a dinner dish go from “nice” to “delicious”!

The amount of food you consume will depend on your height, weight, age and physical activity level which we can personalise for you if you need that extra support with your dinner goals.  We recommend that you print, laminate and stick the dinner builder to your fridge for inspiration and ideas when cooking.  For recipe ideas please visit our recipe page here.

Below are some key points to consider before using the Dinner Builder PDF (click here)

✔️  Do I have a fridge stocked with healthy nutritious foods?
✔️  Is my dinner plate the right size for my nutrition goals?
✔️  Do I take my time when eating dinner or do I rush it?
✔️  Do I have a regular time for dinner that helps my weekly nutrition intake?

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