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We aim to try and fit in with your budget.  Discounts apply per the number of workshops booked.

Consults & Personal Training are set prices.


Daley Nutrition has been running since 2012, initially set up in the UK working with schools, exercise groups and one on one consults. Now 10 years on we run a personal training studio & offer nutrition workshops in Australia to more than 7,000 people a year. We have a strong passion for food as medicine and strive to educate the younger generations in particular to look after their health and eat a balanced diet. We employ the most engaging and passionate staff that go beyond the job title and really care and love the work they do. We are driven by the purpose to improve the health of Australia (and driven by dark chocolate 90%).

For general enquires email:


LUKE DALEY – MSc, BSc (Hons), Registered Nutritionist, Personal Trainer. 

Luke is our co-founder, practitioner and university lecturer.  He’s passionate about nutrition education, diabetes prevention and sports nutrition.  As a personal trainer Luke specializes in strength and hypertrophy training. Save

CARLY DALEY – Co-director, Nutrition Manager, Lead Personal Trainer

Carly has a background in massage, singing and children’s entertainment which she has used to develop fun and entertaining workshops for children. It’s Carly you’ll be emailing and speaking with to organise workshops. As a Personal Trainer her passion is for HIIT training and posture form and correction.


ALEX CORRIGAN – Accredited Practicing Dietitian.

Alex is a certified Monash FODMAP-trained dietitian and is passionate about helping empower people to achieve their health goals through nutrition.  She is a Mum of two and a loves tennis and snowboarding.



KEEGAN MCLAUGHLIN – Associated Nutritionist. 

Keegan is new to our team in 2023. With excellent public speaking skills and her passion for cooking, she creates a supportive environment for other to learn about nutrition and produce.