Run by husband and wife Luke and Carly Daley

Daley Nutrition has been running since 2012, initially set up in the UK working with schools, exercise groups and one on one consults.  Now 5 years on we run nutrition workshops in Melbourne to more than 7,000 people a year.  We have a strong passion for food as medicine and strive to educate the younger generations in particular to look after their health and eat a balanced diet.  We employ the most engaging and passionate staff that go beyond the job title and really care and love the work they do.  We are driven by the purpose to improve the health of Victoria (and driven by dark chocolate 90%).


For all booking and enquires, please contact Carly.

We aim to try and fit in with your budget.  Discounts apply per the number of workshops you book in a day.

EMAIL: carly@daleynutrition.com.au

CALL: 0466 471 136

Luke DaleyCo-Founder & Registered Nutritionist MSc, BSc (Hons), Personal Trainer
Luke started his career working for the UK’s NHS as a Public Health Nutritionist in 2009. Now living in Melbourne with Carly they run one of the largest nutrition workshop businesses in Victoria. He is also lecturer in Nutrition and member of Victorian Healthy Eating Enterprise.
Carly DaleyCo-Founder and Nutrition Manager
Carly has a background in massage, singing and children’s entertainment which she has used to develop fun and entertaining workshops for children. It’s Carly you’ll be emailing and speaking with to organise workshops. She’s a keen advocate for waste-free living and also runs Bee Glad Eco Wraps, as well as being a full time Mum.
Silva NazaretianAccredited Practicing Dietitian, BSc, BNutr & Diet | Nutrition Contractor
Silva studied Dietetics at Monash Uni and has gone on to set up her own business, Moderate Nutrition Services. She is a Mum of two boys and loves working in the field of childhood nutrition. She is a great asset to the team.
Elise CiorciariRegistered Nutritionist | Nutrition Contractor
Elise Ciorciari has a bachelor in human nutrition. She also works for Diabetes Victoria as a program engagement officer. Special interests include the Mediterranean diet in chronic disease prevention and children’s nutrition, also being a first time mum.

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