6 Healthy Food swaps for better health

Small, sustainable changes to food habits can make a big difference to our health. We do not need to deprive ourselves of the foods and drinks we love – but there are some that should be consumed less regularly than others. Swapping out these less-healthy foods for healthier alternatives will add a boost of nutrition and variety to our day.  Here are our top 6 Healthy Food swaps for better health.

1. Wholegrain bread instead of white bread

Bread is a nutritious source of grains which forms part of a balanced diet. Compared to their white counterparts, wholegrain breads provide more fibre and long-lasting energy due to their low glycaemic index.

6 Healthy Food swaps for better health

2. Nut butters or avocado instead of butter

Replacing butter which is higher in saturated (or ‘less healthy’) fats with nut butters or avocado which are rich in unsaturated (or ‘healthy’) fats is good for your heart. Nut butters and avocado add creaminess to meals or snacks while providing essential nutrients that are not found in butter.

6 Healthy Food swaps for better health

3. Low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream, mayonnaise or ice-cream

Low-fat yoghurt is extremely versatile and can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes. Compared to the other listed options, low-fat yoghurt is lower in saturated fat, higher in protein and a great source of calcium for bone health.  Look for the reduced or no added sugar versions for better health.

6 Healthy Food swaps for better health

4. Nuts, popcorn or roasted chickpeas instead of potato chips

The healthier snack options listed above are nutrient-dense but still provide the satisfying crunch of potato chips. Nuts are packed with ‘healthy’ fats and essential nutrients, while popcorn and roasted chickpeas are good sources of fibre. Adding herbs and spices to each will provide extra flavour.

6 Healthy Food swaps for better health

5. Flavoured water instead of soft drinks

Soft drinks are very high in sugar which means drinking them can damage our teeth and will lead to an inevitable “sugar crash”. Opting for flavoured mineral waters in the supermarket or adding a squeeze of lemon or lime juice into water bottles will make the transition from soft drinks a lot easier.

6 Healthy Food swaps for better health

6. Fresh fruit instead of fruit juice

It takes multiple serves of whole fruit to make a small amount of juice, making it a concentrated source of sugar to be consumed less regularly. Snacking on whole fruits provides us with the big dose of fibre that fruit juice lacks, keeping us fuller for longer.

6 Healthy Food swaps for better health

Posted by Genna Vlitas, BSc, undertaking MDiet.
Nutritionist & Student Dietitian from Daley Nutrition

Daley Nutrition is a community nutrition team based in Melbourne Victoria, we run a range of nutrition based programs such as cooking demonstrations in Australia to raise people’s awareness of what they are eating and empower them to change certain eating habits.

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