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Welcome to Daley Nutrition, we are a team of Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Dietitian and educators based in Melbourne.  We run personal training sessions onsite at our business address in Chelsea but also mobile personal training in the Kingston area.   We share a real passion for helping our clients achieve their personal training goals and also enjoy a good chin wag with our clients and get to know them as individuals.  We can cater our mobile personal training for most clients, whether you are looking to introduce general exercise into your weekly routine, or looking to tone up, lose weight or train for a specific competition.

Personal training chelsea

Our personal training in Chelsea is a good option if you are struggling to fit exercise into your routine and need a little help, if you need some specific training for a competition or if you don’t enjoy the gym environment.  We can train you outdoors or visit you at your home.  Either way we are here to help!  On site at our Chelsea location we have the best outdoor equipment to help work key muscles groups and burn off some energy.  Or we can bring equipment to you and train in the comfort of your home (great for parents!) to help you to achieve your exercise goals.

We are located at 77 Thames Promenade, Chelsea – just opposite the skate park at beautiful Bicentennial Park.  We train in our fully fenced and secure front yard where you’re not on display to passers-by.  Training on site offers better access to equipment than mobile PT and is designed for the perfect outdoor PT session.

You’re welcome to have your children around during the outdoor or mobile PT sessions and this is often an easier option for busy parents.  On a Saturday or Sunday morning at our site address you are welcome to bring your children (max 2) as we have children’s apparatus and toys they can play with while you work hard!

Yes, of course!  We bring the equipment to you such as kettle bells, medicine balls, foam mats etc.  All we need is a clear space in the garden or living room to run you through exercises.  Don’t stress we are used to bringing equipment to our clients!

It is very simple, just email luke@daleynutrition.com.au or carly@daleynutrition.com.au and let us know the following:

  1. What service you are interested in
  2. Where abouts in Kingston you live (mobile PT)
  3. What your personal training goals are
  4. Details of any equipment you have in the house we can use.
  5. Details of where abouts on your property that you would like to train.
  6. How many personal training sessions you would like.
  7. Your availability and prefered times for personal training sessions.

Yes please, we’d love it if you do!  For every referral that we run a personal training session with we give you $5 off your next PT session.

Absolutely.  We have a nutrition clinic room on site in Chelsea and offer great packages for combined PT and Nutrition sessions.  Unlike most PT’s Luke hasn’t just studied nutrition as part of his PT training, he’s got 2 Nutrition degrees and is a university lecturer in Nutritional Medicine.

The Equipment We Use

We use a range of equipment to train different body parts.  Medicines balls | Kettle Bells | Dumbells | Weighted bars | Pull up bars | Battle Ropes

Personal training Chelsea-Trainers

Our trainers Luke and Rhiannon live and breathe exercise, Rhiannon is a power lifter and American football player & Naturopath.  Luke is a competitive swimmer and tennis player, but also loves his gym sessions, he is also a Registered Nutritionist. 

No Cancellation Fees

There are no cancellation fees if you let us know at least 6 hours in advance, any less time than this will incur a charge. 


On Site Session

$45/per session
  • Includes 30min PT session
  • 45mins is charged at $60
  • Write up exercise card
  • Access To All Equipment

Mobile PT Chelsea

$70+/per session
  • Includes access to mobile gym equipment
  • Write up exercise card
  • 45min training session
  • For Chelsea and surrounding areas

Mobile PT & Nutrition

$160/per session
  • Includes 45min PT session
  • Includes Full Nutrition assessment
  • Includes write up plan and goals
  • Includes recipes


Ready to make a life change? We’re thrilled to help you along your path to a fit and healthy life. Our experts take great pride in helping achieve your goals.


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