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Nutrition Consultations Patterson Lakes, Melbourne

Nutrition consultations run by Chelsea Nutritionist at Daley Nutrition, 1 Governor Arthur Drive, Patterson Lakes, VIC

Chelsea Nutritionist Luke Daley offers Nutrition Consultations to anyone looking to improve their diet or exercise habits.  Whether it is to reduce cholesterol, lose weight, improve sports performance or increase your overall health and well being, we cover a wide range of needs including personal training.

Luke has two degrees in Nutrition, and studied and worked alongside Dietitians in many job roles over the years.  He is trained in motivational interviewing and has had 8 years worth of experience running consultations with clients in Melbourne and Nottingham (UK) helping them to achieve their nutrition goals.   He currently consults for the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service and understands the barriers that people face with create new healthy eating habits.

Q. How do the nutrition consultations work?

  • We work out of our clinic at 1 Governor Arthur Drive, Patterson Lakes.
  • The initial consult last up to an hour with follow ups being 30mins.
  • In the consultation we take a range of measurements and dietary information.
  • We give you a nutrition booklet to track your progress as well as other nutrition handouts.
  • We have a range of recipes from different cuisines and options for you.
  • Family members are encourage to attend the consults also.
Patterson Lakes Nutritionist
  • Weight Management Consult

  • General Healthy Eating Improvements

  • High Cholesterol

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Sports Nutrition Consult

  • Metabolism issues

  • Meniere’s Disease

  • Gut and Metabolism Issues

  • Nutrition & sleep improvements

  • Chronic fatigue



Patterson Lakes Nutritionist

Designed for anyone looking to change their eating patterns to improve their health and wellbeing.

Our Chelsea Nutritionist Luke will focus on bringing a balance back to your eating patterns, focusing on food groups, balancing calories and the enjoyment of eating.

  • Eating plan designed for you to create balance with your eating routines.
  • Information booklet to track your body measurement.
  • Recipes ideas and shopping card.
  • Text reminders during consults.
  • Follow up consults last for 3o mins and review your goal progression.

E-mail: luke@daleynutrition.com.au


Patterson Lakes Nutritionist

Working with your lifestyle habits and routines together we create an eating and walking plan that enables you to lose weight sustainably.

  • The initial weight loss consults delves into your food history, relationship with food and food influences.
  • Together we work from your eating and exercises barriers and stressed.
  • During consult Chelsea Nutritionist Luke will write up a menu plan for you and set 3 priority goals to work on.
  • Recipes and other handouts are given out.
  • Family members are encourage to attend these session to help with weight loss support.

E-mail: luke@daleynutrition.com.au


Patterson Lakes Nutritionist

A consult for sport enthusiasts, marathon training, triathletes, cross fit training and body building.

Our sports nutrition consult is based around getting the best micro and macro nutrients to enable better exercise performance and recovery.

  • We will take 3-day food and exercise diary and usual exercise routines and schedules.
  • We work out your total energy expenditure and help with gaining muscle mass, losing weight or maintaining currently performance.
  • Recipes and a weight tracking booklet are given to you.
  • Muscle mass, body fat and waist circumference are the key measurements we take.

E-mail: luke@daleynutrition.com.au


Patterson Lakes Nutritionist
  • If you are suffering from digestive discomfort such as irritable bowel syndrome or signs of bloating after eating certain foods then we can help to reduce these dietary related triggers.  

Luke our Chelsea Nutritionist is experienced in gut an metabolism issues.  He commonly see patients with fructose, lactose and wheat intolerance, but metabolism issues such as thyroid complications and chronic fatigue.

  • We go through all your symptoms and concerns.
  • Within 2-4 weeks we aim to address the majority of your symptoms.
  • We keep track of your weight during the consulting period to watch for metabolism changes.
  • We consult with your GP to keep all parties informed of the treatment process.
  • The benefits can last for years to come.

E-mail: luke@daleynutrition.com.au


Patterson Lakes Nutritionist
  • A lifestyle consultation for the anyone looking to advice about high blood pressure | high cholesterol levels | type two diabetes and pre-diabetes | chronic kidney disease and many more…

Luke has spent most of his career working in the chronic disease treatment and prevention field has worked closely with Diabetes Victoria, The Heart Foundation and Cancer Council over the years and uses this scientific knowledge to help clients to gain control of their condition.

  • We work with your GP to help improve your health status.
  • Within 2-4 weeks we can improve your blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure results.
  • We use a holistic approach to help our clients to manage their condition.
  • We offer regular support to ensure our clients achieve their short and long term health goals.

Email: luke@daleynutrition.com.au

Daley Nutrition’s staff

Daley Nutrition employ engaging staff that are full of energy and love run consultations, they have:

University qualification in Nutrition or Dietetics
Working with Children’s check
Years of experience teaching nutrition
Public liability and indemnity insurance
First aid certificates

Recognised by the Health Industry

Daley Nutrition are well respected and have worked with a range of health organisations in the last year such as:

Diabetes Victoria
Nutrition Australia
The Department of Heath & Human Services
Dianella Community Health
Victorian Aboriginal Health Service

Cost Effective Service

Daley Nutrition offer great cost effective service:

Including trained professionals

Nutrition booklets

PDF Recipes

Flexible working hour including evenings and weekends

Supportive of all our clients


General Consult

$80Initial consult
  • Includes body assessments
  • Nutrition tracking booklet
  • Write up eating plan & goals
  • Follow ups = $70

Sports Nutrition

$90 initial consult
  • Includes exercise body measurements
  • Nutrition tracking booklet
  • Sports Nutrition plan
  • Follow ups $75

Mobile Consults

$100per session
  • Includes body measurements
  • Includes Full Nutrition assessment
  • Includes write up plan and goals
  • Includes recipes

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