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Online Dietitian and Nutritionist Melbourne

Our online Dietitian and Nutritionist consultations are for clients looking for support with changing their eating habits from the convenience of their office or home.

Daley Nutrition’s online Dietitian and Nutritionist Luke and Silva have been working in the field of nutrition for more than 7 years, they are both passionate professionals that know how to improve people’s diets and eating habits.  They are both parents and big foodies that love to to cook and are very approachable and knowledgeable about how food can be used as medicine and improve our health.  Our clients come from all across Australia looking for support and help with their eating patterns.

Q. How do the online consultations work?

  • The consults are run through Skype or Facetime
  • We email you a nutrition booklet to enable you to track your measurements
  • Recipes will be emailed to you along with the final nutrition plan and goals
  • Payment is made via bank transfer or paypal before the consult.
Online dietitian and nutritionist
  • Weight Management Consult

  • General Healthy Eating Improvements

  • High Cholesterol

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Sports Nutrition Consult

  • Metabolism issues

  • Meniere’s Disease

  • Gut and Metabolism Issues



Online nutritionist and dietitian

Designed for anyone looking to improve their eating patterns and become a little healthier.

Our online Dietitian and Nutritionist will help you to create new healthy eating habits, the consults work great if you are looking for some extra support on how to create a balance diet for yourself or friend or family member.  Our staff know the ins and the outs of a balanced diet and understand how to create new healthy habits that will last for many years.

  • The initial consult last an hour, in which you will casually chat our online Dietitian and Nutritionist about your history with food, your eating patterns, your motivating for creating changed to your diet.  But they find out about you a person and how food can fit in with your lifestyle and stresses.
  • We encourage clients to keep track of their waist circumference via our nutrition booklet, which is emailed to you.
  • After the consult the nutritionist will write up a menu plan for you and set 3 priority goals to work on.
  • Recipes and other handouts are emailed to you.
  • The online Dietitian and Nutritionist will contact you in between consults to see how you are getting on.
  • Follow up consults last for 3o mins and review your goal progression.

E-mail: carly@daleynutrition.com.au


Nutrition and Healthy Eating Workshops

Designed for anyone looking to loose weight sustainability and effectively, from the comfort of their own home

Our online Dietitian and Nutritionist spend 50% of their time helping people to lose weight.  It doesn’t have to be a battle, all you need a strong plan, supportive social network and the motivation to success.  Our Dietitian and Nutritionist have trialed many diets in the past to understand the process of dieting to better help our clients, we believe in whole food groups and not restricting foods but being mindful of how much we eat and balance. 

  • The initial consult last an hour, within this hour we find out about your relationship with food, your previous diet history and go through any recent blood results to gather a holistic view of our clients.
  • We encourage clients to keep track of their waist circumference via our nutrition booklet, which is emailed to you.
  • After the consult the nutritionist will write up a menu plan for you and set 3 priority goals to work on.
  • Recipes and other handouts are emailed to you.
  • The online Dietitian and Nutritionist will contact you in between consults to see how you are getting on.

E-mail: carly@daleynutrition.com.au


Online nutritionist and dietitian

Designed for exercise enthusiasts, marathon runners, triathletes, cross fitters, body builders etc.

Our sports nutrition online consults are designed to cater for most sports, we tailor our nutrition advice to your over exercise goals.  Finding out about energy systems you use, duration, intensity and recover of your chosen exercise. The focus is around sustainability and proving you with the macro and micro nutrients you need to succeed in your chosen activity.

  • We will take 3-day food and exercise diary and usual exercise routines and schedules.
  • We work out your total energy expenditure and help with gaining muscle mass, losing weight or maintaining currently performance.
  • Recipes and weight tracking booklet are emailed to you.

E-mail: carly@daleynutrition.com.au


Nutrition and Healthy Eating Workshops

Designed for anyone looking for help with their gut problems and fatigue.  

Our online Dietitian and Nutritionist have a deep understanding for the gut and how it functions and how it can be comprised.  We use theoretical scientific knowledge to find out what is causing your gut and metabolism issues and create a eating plan that address your symptoms and brings back balance to your body.  The common conditions we treat are irritable bowel symptom (IBS), fructose & lactose absorption, gluten intolerance, FODMAP diets and chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • We go through all your symptoms and concerns.
  • We work with your lifestyle to create modifications to your diet.
  • Within 2-4 weeks we aim to address the majority of your symptoms.
  • Clients are advised to keep track of their weight during the consult.
  • We consult with your GP to keep all parties informed of the treatment process.
  • The benefits can last for years to come.

E-mail: carly@daleynutrition.com.au


Online nutritionist and dietitian

Designed for the anyone looking to advice about high blood pressure | high cholesterol levels | type two diabetes and pre-diabetes | chronic kidney disease and many more…

Our online Dietitian and Nutritionist both have worked closely with Diabetes Victoria, The Heart Foundation and Cancer Council over the years.  They are experts in chronic disease dietary management and have a deep knowledge for how food works as medicine.

  • We work with your GP to help improve your health status.
  • Within 2-4 weeks we can improve your blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure results.
  • We use a holistic approach to help our clients to manage their condition.
  • We offer regular support to ensure our clients achieve their short and long term health goals.

Email: carly@daleynutrition.com.au


Luke Daley
Luke DaleyCo-Founder & Registered Nutritionist MSc, BSc (Hons), Fitness Instructor
Luke started his career working for the UK’s NHS as a Public Health Nutritionist in 2009. Now living in Melbourne with Carly they run one of the largest nutrition workshop business in Victoria. He is also a keen lecturer in Nutrition and member of Victorian Health Eating Enterprise.
Silva Nazaretian
Silva NazaretianNutrition Contactor - Accredited Practicing Dietitian, BSc, BNutr & Diet.
Silva studied Dietetics at Monash Uni and has gone on to set up her own business Moderate Nutrition Services. She is a Mum of two boys and loves working in the field of childhood nutrition. She is a great asset to the team.

Daley Nutrition’s staff

Daley Nutrition employ engaging staff that are full of energy and love run consultations, they have:

University qualification in Nutrition or Dietetics
Working with Children’s check
Years of experience teaching nutrition
Public liability and indemnity insurance
First aid certificates

Recognised by the Health Industry

Daley Nutrition are well respected and have worked with a range of health organisations in the last year such as:

Diabetes Victoria
Nutrition Australia
The Department of Heath & Human Services
Dianella Community Health
Life! program

Cost Effective Service

Daley Nutrition offer great cost effective service:

Including trained professionals

Nutrition booklets

PDF Recipes

Flexible working hour including evenings and weekends

Supportive of all our clients

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