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Healthy Lunchbox Talk for Parents

Interactive Healthy Lunch Talk about how to create a balanced lunch box and balanced diet for Melbourne Kinder & Primary Schools, run by qualified Nutritionists.  Focusing on healthy lunch box options and including key food groups and nutrients.

“Prevention is better than cure”.  Statistics from the Australian Government in 2009 stated that 25% of young children are not consuming the recommended servings of vegetables a day, which continues to declines as a child reaches adolescent and teen years.   Also, children are not getting enough fibre in their diet, which can have a knock on effect with their appetite and gut health.  Alarmingly 30% of a young child’s daily calorie intake comes from ‘sometimes (discretionary) choices’ such as biscuits, cakes, desserts, processed meats, ice cream and other discretionary choices.  This statistics grows as a child gets older according to the Children’s Nutrition and Physical Activity survey 2007.  Lunch boxes are a great way to introduce vegetables and high fibre grains that will help children maintain sustainable energy levels throughout the afternoon and reduce their appetite for sugary snacks.

Our Healthy Lunch box talks for parents are run by our Registered Nutritionists & Dietitians who have children of their own and understand the struggle it can be to introduce new foods and maintain a healthy regular lunch box. In the hour talk we go through examples of healthy lunch boxes and school snacks and talk generally about which food groups should be included to give children optimum nutrition to grow and help with learning.  There is an additional option for the healthy lunchbox talk to include a quick healthy snack food demonstration that parents can try and use the recipe at home and include in their children’s lunch boxes.

healthy lunchbox talk

Below is a description of our healthy lunchbox talk, in addition we can do specific talks around healthy breakfasts and dinner also.  They healthy lunchbox talk delivery includes:

  • Catering to different learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and reading/writing learners.
  • More than 50% of the workshops are activity based using props, which research has shown to increase peoples attention and retention levels of the taught material.
  • Culturally appropriate resources and materials used.

Healthy Lunch box Talk for parents

      • For Mums and Dads/guardians max of 30 attendees

The Healthy Lunch box talks goes for 1 hour and introduces parents to different food groups, their benefits and how to introduce healthy grains, veg, fruit, calcium and protein foods into a lunchboxes.  We also focused on foods that are high in sugar, fat, salt and preservatives:

      • Parents become familiar with the Australian Dietary Guidelines
      • Educates parents about food groups and why they benefit children’s bodies
      • Parents learn about ‘sometimes food (discretionary choices)’ and how they effect little bodies
      • The talk helps parents to identify which cereals and cereal bars are healthy.
      • Parent learn how to read good labels and identify the best option on the shelves.
      • Offers an opportunity for parents to ask any nutrition questions and find answers.
      • Enables parents to meet and unite to improve their children’s health.



Below are some great lunch box, dinner, snack ideas for parents


healthy lunchbox talk


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